VARIA is dedicated to improvisation,
a versatile art and performance form - in live time.

Improvisation gets the brain cells moving by the combined stimulation of the intellect, emotions and technique. An intense balancing act, in which, the form itself constitutes a bold and direct approach. Arbitrary narratives and the ambience thus interchange, in much the same way as life itself does.

VARIA has enabled performers of diverse artistic backgrounds, age and ethnicity to access a broad audience. Intense artistic and individual interaction is furthermore supported by a creative license, beyond expectation.
Previous festivals have generated interest, cultivating a new breeding ground for ideas within the dramatic arts and collaborations between various media and much, much more. Audience indication and student and participant reflection reveal VARIA to be a place where innovation is given a great deal of invaluable space.
As a result, VARIA has been able to create a forum for further, as of yet, unproven collaborations, aimed for the dramatic arts and arts of other focus.

Since -04, from its base in Göteborg Sweden, VARIA Improvisation Festival is celebrating the exclusive and innovative art of Improvisation. Performance, educational series, presentations, lectures and more is presented in varied program. I am pleased to say, that over the years VARIA has established a more profound platform for, and a broader approach of, perceiving The Art of Performance Improvisation. Lisa Larsdotter Petersson VARIA initiator and artistic-leader