Performance and visual artist - Initiator project leader VARIA
www.janninerivel.com Dancer, choreographer, co-producer VARIA & dear friend
www.wartel.se Just a drummer, co-collaborator VARIA & dear friend
www.andrewmorrish.com Extraordinary performance artist, improviser and teacher from Australia/France
www.berlinartsunited.com Great festival for instant composition, performance, arts and cultural events & educational program, in Berlin.
www.michaelschumacherdancer.wordpress.com Dear friend and fantastic artist
www.strutdance.org.au/artists/peter-trotman Magical improviser and friend
www.sekechimutengwende.com Improvising artist
www.katehilder.com Improvising artist
www.impro-per-arts.de Platform for improvisation as a performance art in Berlin
www.ciresearchsweden.com Metamorphosis, research & exploration. Contact Improvisation & Improvised Dance in Ytterjärna, Sweden
www.impro-per-arts.de Platform for improvisation as a performance art in Berlin
createursdelinstant.wordpress.com/ Instant Pudding, is a platform for instant composition and scenic improvisation, based in Paris
www.kigbg.se Contact Improvisation Jams in Sweden
www.brotznow.se Unique jazz-club for improvised music, in Göteborg since 20 year
meltemnil-improberlin.weebly.com/ Friend and improviser in Berlin
www.isung.no Terje Isungset, fantastic musician
www.satupalokangas.com Beautiful mover with beautiful website
www.scottwellsdance.com Lovely Contact improviser and teacher
www.henriettepedersen.no Fascinating choreographer, artist & friend
www.nowitz.de Alex Nowitz - great singer and voice artist
www.julyenhamilton.com Eminent – artist, dancer, choreographer, poet and teacher
www.smaher.de Stephanie Maher – Splendid dancer, performer, improviser and teacher
www.martharodezno.com Exotic and graceful dancer, performer and friend
www.skjodt.net Musician and independent record label manager
www.galakse.dk/ Sune Petersen - sound and visual artist
www.danseinfo.no Dance Information Norway is a national information and resource center for dance
www.omeodance.com Rosalind Crisp – amazing dancer and teacher from Australia/France
www.stenrudstrom.com/ Beautiful movement and performance artist from USA/Germany
www.actiontheatre.com “The” website for Action Theater - an improvisational physical theater training and performance method
www.vialka.com “Happy” and lively/lovely music duo – it´s super great to take part of their adventures
www.helsinkimeetingpoint.com Meeting Point for improvisation and instant composition in Helsinki, Finland - a VARIA collaborator
www.ramverk.se Debra Almqvist is a practicing artist; her fields include printmaking, 3D animation and translation (Swedish to English). She translates for institutions, universities, art museums and artists. Translation work in progress can be found at www.ramverk.se
www.atalante.org Amiable and unique theatre for dance, performance etc in Gothenburg.
www.boras.se/konstmuseum Besides its modern art collections Borås Art Museum also has video and visual arts as one of its areas of focus. Since the mid 90’s the museum has collected and shown video art and a permanent Videobox was opened 09.
www.hotellmariaeriksson.se Familiar and nice hotel with reasonable prices in the absolute Centrum of Gothenburg.
www.dcvast.se Dance Centre is an organisation for professional freelance dancers/choreographers and represents four regional organisations around Sweden.
www.konstepidemin.se Konstepidemin, or Epidemic of Art, is located in the former epidemic hospital of Göteborg. Today it is a lively work place for over 100 artists within all artistic fields.
www.scenarkivet.se Archive for dance Sweden
www.circozero.org Keith Hennessy
www.dansbyran.se Studio for rent etc in Gothenburg
www.ponderosa-dance.de Great festival outside Berlin
www.contactquarterly.com “The” website for Contact Improvisation
www.aktor.se Aktör & Vänner is a venue and a productionhouse for independent performance artists with strong and personal artistic agendas.
www.artvideoexchange.com Art Video Exchange is an international exchange program and initiative between curators developed to organize exhibition opportunities for video artists worldwide.
www.giorgioconvertito.com Giorgio Convertito - dancer, choreographer Finland